North Carolina Yearly Meeting

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Interim Body Meeting
10th Month 28, 2017
11am Worship, followed by lunch at noon, then the Interim Body Meeting
Davidson Friends Meeting
625 South Street
Davidson NC 28036

Interim Body Meeting
4th Month 28, 2018
Location to be determined

2018 North Carolina Yearly Meetting
Seventh Month 12-15, 2018
Guilford College
Greensboro, NC
(Ministry and Oversight meets the evening of the 11th)


4th Month, 2017 Interim Body Minutes

10th Month, 2016, Interim Body Minutes

2017 First Quarter Treasurer's Report

2017 2nd- 3rd Quarter Treasurer's Report

2017 1st Quarter I&E Report

2017 1st Quarter Balance Sheet

2017 1st Quarter Budget Report

George C. Parker Memorial

North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) Home Page