Faith and Practice
Book of Discipline
of the
North Carolina Yearly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends
1983 Revision

Online Preface

The publishing of this online version was authorized by North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) Representative Body, in session at West Grove Friends Meeting on Tenth Month 24, 1998.

This version is intended to be identical to the 1983 revision, except for a few typographical changes:

  1. In the online version, paragraphs do not have a first line indentation.
  2. On page 12, under Oaths, "Swear not all all" was changed to "Swear not at all".
  3. On page 16, the subtitle "Meetings for Worship" is on the same line as the text, I placed them on different lines.
  4. On pages 31-32, the spacing and blanks for the marriage certificate are different.
  5. On pages 33-35, most, but not all, of the Query subtitles are followed by colons, the colons have been omitted.
  6. Major sections are divided by a separator line.

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